I know , I know , this song was made in the 80s . But , I was listening to Daft Punk’s 1997 BBC Radio Essential Miix , and they played it - so I just couldn’t resist. Rockwell MURDERS the vocals , and Michael Jackson does his thing on the chorus. Both the music video & the song are timeless.

thomas bangalter - spinal tap

cajmere only for you

paris itchel dj f

somebody’s watching (video)

MOTOR - Death Rave

This track is absolutely relentless . With a heavy fuckin’ bassline that punches you right in the chest - and you take it personally . The energy packed inside of this tune is both remarkable and scary . Especially for something made during the formative years of the legendary Dim Mak label.

edm bass DimMak Electro Electronica House Dance